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Pros & Cons of Variable Annuities Get Answers to 3 Important Questions:
  1. How Does an Annuity Work?
    Learn about the stages and types of annuities.
  2. Are Annuities Good Investments?
    Find out if annuities are right for your retirement.
  3. Pros and Cons of Annuities
    Are annuities as straight-forward as they seem? What are the risks and rewards?


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Annuity Fundamentals Annuity Fundamentals
This 8-page guide will help you better understand annuities so you can make well-informed decisions about whether they’re best suited to meet your retirement goals.
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Do You Own an Annuity Currently?

Annuities may be a suitable investment for some investors. But for others, there are better alternatives. Fisher Investments does not sell annuities, but we have investment professionals that can help you review your current annuity investment and determine if it’s suitable given your retirement goals. If appropriate, we can help you transition to a more sustainable investing strategy.