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Pros and Cons of Annuities

Choosing the best mix of investments to help you reach your financial goals can be challenging. Some investors choose annuities because they like the idea of a “guarantee.” Unfortunately, annuity guarantees often come with significant disadvantages, which often include high fees, withdrawal limits, or strict requirements investors must meet to benefit from the “guarantees.”

One powerful selling tool in the insurance company’s arsenal is the word “guarantee.”  While a guarantee can be a positive feature, it’s important to remember there are usually tradeoffs associated with any guarantee.

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Annuities tend to be complex, and many investors may purchase one based on an appealing sales pitch or brochure without fully understanding all the positives and negatives associated with their annuity contract. We encourage you to read the complete contract—with an eye for the fine print—to understand all the pros and cons before deciding if the annuity is the best choice to meet your goals.

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